Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Style and Colour Showcase Tool - Imagine a Steel Roof on your Home

Although you may know about the features and benefits of steel roofing, you may still have a hard time imagining what a steel roof could look like on your home or cottage. That is exactly why we developed our Style & Colour Showcase Tool!

Go to SteelRoofSource.com to use our tool and choose between:
  • 4 styles of steel roofing -  vertical rib, standing seam, tile design and steel shingles
  • 3 house styles - bungalow, two-storey and cottage, and
  • 12 of the most popular colours available
This easy-to-use tool will let you get a good sense of the aesthetic value a steel roof can add to your home. With multiple roofing profiles and many colour options available, there is a steel roof to suit any type of house or cottage.


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