Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Enhanced Paint Systems: A Smart Choice for Sheet Steel Building Products

The Canadian suppliers to our CSSBI member companies have introduced prepainted product lines to deliver improved performance for today and well into the future: Perspectra Series™ and WeatherX™. These systems are the result of an extensive investigation of the most current paint system technologies for sheet steel products. They can be applied to either a hot dip galvanized or a 55% aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel to meet a broad range of interior and exterior applications. These are cost-effective systems designed to provide outstanding weathering performance and corrosion resistance.

In both field and accelerated laboratory testing the Perspectra Series™ and WeatherX™ paint systems deliver a durable finish for outstanding results. They have shown excellent performance in intensive exposure to UV radiation, and far more severe conditions than typically found in the Canadian marketplace. The standard performance specification provides:

  • 40 year film integrity (no peeling or cracking)
  • 30 year colour retention and resistance to fading
  • 30 year chalk resistance
These paint systems can also be solar reflective to meet the requirements of emerging standards for “cool roofing”.

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