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Sheet Steel Sustainability - Sheet Steel Helps Your Project Go Green

Global warming and the climate change crisis have become important issues around the world. The Canadian steel industry has complied with and in many instances exceeded government initiatives, including the Kyoto Protocol, to take the appropriate steps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants in the manufacturing of steel and steel products.

Canadian steel makers are using new processes and technologies in manufacturing that contribute less air pollution, conserve fresh water, reduce energy usage, and reduce waste to landfills. More importantly, as our steel makers re-evaluate their processes to be more environmentally conscious, they are making great strides in manufacturing products that contribute to sustainable development and the entire green movement. New steel products are energy efficient, durable, have incomparable accuracy, and aid in faster construction.

Watch CSSBI Videos, Sustainable Design Using Cold Formed Steel, to learn more about the environmental benefits of using sheet steel.

1.  What is Cold Formed Steel?

2.   Life Cycle Assessment

3.   Infinite Reincarnation - The Life Cycle of Steel

4.  Thermal Bridges

5.  Solar Energy Generation