Thursday, 14 May 2015

New Paint System - Perspectra Plus Series™

Perspectra Plus Series™
Perspectra Plus Series™ is the next generation in our Perspectra Series® paint system. Perspectra Plus Series™ is now even more resistant to chalk, fade, chemical degradation and scratching. It uses state of the art Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) technology and a new resin backbone which provides enhanced performance to end-users. The proven benefits include superior colour fade resistance to weathering, improved gloss retention and maximum hardness against scratching. The Quality and Performance specification offers 40 years of film integrity and 30 years of stringent colour fade and chalk values for building industry applications like roofing and cladding across Canada and the continental US. Perspectra Plus Series™ is available on hot dip galvanized and on highly corrosion resistant Galvalume™ (55% Aluminum – 45% Zinc alloy coating).

Upgraded Quality and Performance Specification
Perspectra Plus Series™ was developed to deliver enhanced 30-year paint colour fade performance for non-vertical installations in building applications. It remains ideal for walls and cladding applications with outstanding 40-year paint film integrity, 30-year paint chalking resistance and excellent gloss retention. Perspectra Plus Series™ is still the preferred prepainted material for a wide range of applications for steel building systems (pre-engineered buildings), architectural panels, commercial, institutional, industrial projects and agricultural buildings. The manufacture of Perspectra Plus Series™ begins with high quality hot dip galvanized or Galvalume, made to rigid specifications and quality tested to meet the requirements of ASTM A653/A653M or A792/A792M. The coated steel is then painted on our modern continuous coil coating lines that carefully apply and factory-bake the paint system to the paint manufacturers’ specifications. The final product is tested in accordance with stringent standards established by the National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). A Quality & Performance specification has been developed for Perspectra Plus Series™ standard colours applicable to anywhere in Canada or the continental United States.

Perspectra Plus Series™ Paint System
A schematic of the Perspectra Plus Series™ is shown in Figure 1. The colourful topcoat paint system is applied on the long proven flexible primer which enhances corrosion resistance, particularly at cut edges, scratches and bends, and covers the chemical pretreatment.

The chemical pretreatment is applied to promote adhesion between the primer and the metallic coating, which can be either Galvalume sheet with its highly corrosion resistant 55% aluminum-zinc alloy coating, or hot dip galvanized.

The unexposed side is typically pretreated and coated with a wash coat or backer coat to enhance the corrosion resistance and minimize abrasion damage.

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