Thursday, 23 April 2015

Updated Publication - How To Series: Insulated Sheet Steel Roof Assemblies

We have recently updated one of our most popular publications, our How To Series: Insulated Sheet Steel Roof Assemblies.

This How To Series publication is an educational tool intended to give guidance to anyone specifying sheet steel building products. This particular publication deals with sheet steel roof assemblies for architectural, industrial and commercial applications. It does not address the many residential and agricultural roofing applications for steel. Insulated sheet steel roof assemblies are made up of sheet steel roof cladding, a cavity for insulation, and an interior sheet steel liner sheet or structural deck.

This guide will go through the various stages in the selection of sheet steel roof assembly components, describe the different roofing products, discuss architectural and structural design issues, as well as building science topics and material selection. The purpose is to promote quality construction and effective design solutions. This is a generic guide giving the basic details and should only supplement the specific recommendations or design guidance published by the manufacturer appropriate to their own products. The standard details presented in the Appendix show only those products normally supplied by the sheet steel fabricator. Other suppliers and trades are responsible for collateral material.

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