Thursday, 8 January 2015

Cost Considerations for Prepainted Sheet Steel Cladding

The following are some of the factors that affect the cost of prepainted sheet steel cladding products. The most significant factors are: colour, paint system, order quantity, Fabricator's inventory and profile selection. Recognition of the impact of these factors can help you select a prepainted sheet steel cladding system to fit the aesthetic and durability requirements of your project, and still stay within a budget.

Probably one of the most important considerations for your prepainted steel cladding selection is colour. In a move at being more competitive, while offering effective customer service, the pricing structure for prepainted sheet steel is now based on a "price by colour" system. It is important to recognize that prices can vary considerably from one colour to another.

Paint System
Colour selection is important, but it is also important to realize that the same colour may be available in different paint systems. Currently, the most common paint systems in Canada are the Perspectra Series™, 10 000 Series and Barrier Series. Each of these paint systems meets a different performance specification and have different expected service lives. The nature of the environment will determine the proper selection of the paint system.

Order Quantity
The amount of prepainted sheet steel product needed for the job will also affect the project costs. Normally costs are higher, on a per unit basis, for smaller order quantities that are not normally
stocked. These costs reflect the higher cost for steel being purchased in smaller quantities, minimum steel coil order requirements, and the set-up costs for the manufacturer.

Fabricators Inventory
The availability of your colour selection in the Fabricator's inventory will also create cost variations. A Fabricator does not stock all colours and paint systems, but will inventory a selection.

Profile Selection
In addition to the variations in the cost of the basic prepainted sheet steel, there is a wide range of panel profiles and cladding systems also available. Cladding systems range from the more expensive architectural concealed fastener panels to the economical shallow ribbed corrugated sheeting.

To read more about cost considerations for prepainted sheets steel cladding, download out Fact Sheet 1 - Cost Considerations for Prepainted Sheet Steel Cladding.

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