Thursday, 31 July 2014

Checklist for Installing Solar Panels on a Steel Building System

The installation of solar panels is spreading across North America and many are being put on top of buildings. This is a checklist of items to consider if solar panels are to be installed on the roof of a Steel Building System (SBS) or steel roof.

  • Is the Steel Building System manufacturer aware that a solar panel will be installed on the roof? 
  • Does the existing structure have the structural capacity to take the additional load of the solar panels (dead weight and any additional snow load build up)? 
  • If the roof is standing seam will the solar panel attachments overstress the panel ribs of roof clips? 
  • If solar panels are tilted do they cause additional snow or wind load on the roof? 
  • Are the solar panel components compatible with the roof panel finish? 
  • What is the actual weight of PV Panels and attachment connections? 
  • Will solar panels be installed with inspection walk paths between rows for roof maintenance? (Every forth or fifth row is recommended). 
  • Who will be responsible if the solar panels cause roof maintenance or warranty issues? 
  • How are panels being attached to roof: on roof plane with cleats or on racks? 
    • If using cleats, what is the frequency? 
    • If using racks, how are racks connected to the roof structure: frequency, span, connection reaction?

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